“Every piece is a story of my soul, aliveness, wildness and love to life”

Natalia Sami Pšajd – Artist


To purchase any of the creations please contact me at info@ravishinglife.se or on +46-70 577 00 06
If you feel the energy and longing for your own piece but haven`t found the right one, I surely will create one on request, please contact me for further exploration.

Delivery will be managed as agreed aswell as payment.

Details about the creation:
A creation who tells many stories – and you are the storyteller
Price: For sale
Size: 50cm x 50cm
Details: Painted on canvas


I have always been creative and have had the opportunity to use it in my profession through designing kitchens. When I ended this profession there was something lacking. After many years I got the insight of the importancy to flow with my creativity, and found myself remembering the way I was painting in my youth. Through insight and boost of energy I started to let go in to the divine world of colours and creativity.

Hope you will enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed giving a part of me and please explore what the art will awake in you.


Interested in creations to fill your office, restaurant or gallery.
Please contact me for further exploration in possibilities.


Natalia Sami Pšajd
+46 70 577 0006

You are also most welcome to visit my businesspage www.ravishinglife.se

And a special THANK YOU to Will Gray at KINETIKA